Founded in 2011, INNOVREX is the continuation of the company "SILOS PARCEY", inventor of screw extractor technology in the 70s.

These extractors have been very successful with major customers in the fields of agribusiness, cement plants, mills, chemistry etc ...

At this time the company had developed a wide range of extractors:

The PLANETAIRE for silos from 4 to 20 m in diameter.

The HYDROVRAC, hydraulic extractor for silos from 4 to 8 m in diameter.

The SYMETRIX for silos from 20 to 35 m in diameter.

The SILOTEX single or double screw for small silos.

The ROTOGRAIN for emptying the residual slope in grain silos.


In the 90s, the company "SILOS PARCEY" was bought by STARVRAC. The latter has improved PLANETAIRE and SYMETRIX products and has expanded its range with the ROTODOME for the emptying of the residual slope in the sugar silos.

For twenty years STARVRAC extended the marketing of these extractors worldwide, before becoming ACTION UNLODERS, following its acquisition in 2008 by an American group that will finally dissolve the activity 2 years later.

Today, INNOVREX continues to improve extractors to make them even more reliable not only in terms of longevity, safety, but also maintenance.



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