Can provide you a large range of spare parts for your extractors models PARCEY, STARVRAC, FRANCE EXTRACTEURS, and ACTION UNLOADERS.


  • The gearboxes

                                                          Models STARVRAC                                                          

             Size R1M8                                            Size R1M10                           Size R1M10          

starvac extraction taille 8   starvac extraction taille 10      

               Size R1M20


                                                                              Models PARCEY

Size R3M6 

       Size R3M7

Size R1.43M10

      Pivot M10

Size R2.25M10

Pivot M10 LONG

   parcey extraction 2                       

        Size R3M10+RAM10



But also the models R1M5C - R1M7C - R0.7M22 - R3M8  - 


  • The extraction screws.                                                         

Extraction screws with or without hardfacing for all type of unloaders

Planétaire - Symétrix - Hydrovrac - Silotex - Demi-poutre


     Mechanical spare parts.

 Slewing ring for all sweep auger  

 Rigid couplng or chain coupling  

 Conical gear  

 Bearings for all gearboxes  

 Seals for all gearboxes 

 INNOVREX it's also:

         Expertise of your handling equipments.

         Repair of your gearboxes and your handling equipments. 

          Interventions for the maintenances of your handling equipments.







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