The risk of dust explosion in the flat bottom silos


Grain silos present a wide range of risks. Ranging from burial under the granular material that silos contain at the fall (the silos rise to several tens of meters high) while passing by the fire or the explosion. The latter is generally related to the rapid ignition of a cloud of dust, following a spark or a local elevation of too much temperature. As can be seen in the video below, the flames propagate very quickly within a very fine powdery cloud.

This initial spark can have many origins. "It can be a nonconformity or a loss of conformity over time of some badly maintained equipment, a spark of electrical origin, or a hot spot created during work (cutting , welding ...) ", we list Bruno Debray, head of unit at Ineris on evaluation and control of explosion risks in processes. But a start of fire can also be linked to self heating mechanisms within the silo.



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